Research lines

Research lines

The area of concentration of the Graduate Program in Applied Economics is APPLIED ECONOMICS, and their respective lines of research are as follows:

I – AGRICULTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMICS – This line addresses topics such as economics of agricultural production; rural insurance; competitiveness and coordination of agro-industrial chains; structures and performance of agro-industrial markets; agricultural commodity derivatives; agricultural policy; agricultural development and sustainability; economics of natural resources and environment; energy and biofuel economics; economics of climate change and climate smart agriculture.

II – DEVELOPMENT MICROECONOMICS – This line of research covers issues related to economic development based on the study of the actions and interactions of economic units. The line includes studies on human capital; health economics; economics of education; labor market; poverty and income inequality; nutrition and food safety; economic-social evaluation of programs, projects and public policies; consumption and household decision; microcredit; economics of crime.

III – ECONOMIC POLICY AND DEVELOPMENT – This line of research deals with the study of economic policies and development from a macroeconomic perspective. It includes topics such as fiscal and monetary policies; sectoral policies and government intervention; macroeconomics and economic growth; pricing and income policies; foreign exchange policy and international trade policy; coordination and transmission of macroeconomic policies; international financial policy.


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